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Women’s Day 2021: Ten Influencers Who Inspire Me

Women's Day 2021 is an important day, not only for women but for everyone. Here's my list of 10 women in the influencer industry who inspire me.

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For Women’s Day this year, I wanted to showcase just some of the women I find inspiring, especially in the online world.

There’s no denying that the influencer industry is mostly female-dominated. It’s one of the only female-dominated sectors, which also means that it is most heavily criticised. Of course, some of it is justified, but the majority of it isn’t. For the most part, I have found the influencer industry to be an inspiring, creative, uplifting space, and most of it is down to the women that I follow.

Here’s a small list of some of the women I look up to from my little corner of the internet.

Let’s face it; I couldn’t make this list without including Tezza! She is the queen of the influencing space. Not only are her photos so incredible, but I admire the empire that she and Cole have built together. They are living the dream! They have their app, sell presets, and sell their collage kits. Tezza has worked and collaborated with many different brands to create her collections and has even bought out her own sunglasses range! I admire how Tezza has moved beyond the influencing space and has created a brand, which is something that I would love to do.

I’ve followed Tina for the longest time, and I’ve always really admired her creative photos and her work ethic. She has recently gained a TON of followers, and I feel so, so happy for her! She has released her influencing courses that have done super well too. I like Tina’s no-bullshit attitude. She knows some stigma comes with calling yourself an influencer, but she doesn’t care, and she owns it.

Paige has some of the most stunning photos on the gram! She knows how to pose to create pictures that are indeed a work of art. I admire how candid and real Paige gets in her stories about her mental health and body image. She feels like a friend that you can talk to as well. Paige has also recently come out with her loungewear brand, which I think is super cool!

Adrianna is an interior designer who I recently found on Instagram. She describes her style as ‘Drug Lord Aesthetic’ or ‘Drug Lord Chic,’ and I love it! When/if I eventually move into a bigger house, then I will be taking inspiration from her! I’ve taken some inspiration in the way that I have decorated my office ‘massive fan of the velvet shell cushions!

I genuinely believe that Onyi has some of the most beautiful photography work out there! Every photo is truly a piece of art, and she knows how to style and stage a shot to make something incredible. She is a master of storytelling! Onyi has also recently included quotes in her posts that she has written herself, and they are inspiring and beautiful.

I admire Marta’s confidence in herself when taking photos outdoors. She has a ‘don’t care’ attitude and isn’t afraid to be herself. She is super creative with her reels too, which I am trying to work on!


I’ve never met Eva in my life, but I feel like I know you, you know? She does feel like a mate who would have your back. I enjoy watching her stories all the time and honestly watch every single one – especially her movie outfits reviews! She also gets super candid about her experience with racism, which is so admirable.

I’ve watched Jessica’s videos on youtube for years and find her a huge inspiration for photography. She has honestly taught me so much about it, and I enjoy watching her critiquing subscribers’ photos and the behind-the-scenes of her photoshoots. I have learned a lot from her!

Aja makes me look at the world differently, and it’s her words that have inspired me to buy less fast fashion, with my goal not to buy it at all! I love her no-bullshit attitude and how she isn’t afraid to call people out. I’m super excited for her book to be released!

Gina is the woman who made upskirting illegal – about time, right!? I found her story so inspiring, and everything she has done since is something to admire. I also love how she isn’t afraid to be herself in fashion and how she will rock up to parliament wearing pink and red instead of a dull black and white suit!

Happy Women’s Day and you know what, we all have something incredible to offer the world. I hope these women inspire you as much as they have me.