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Love Letter – Vignetting and more

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In this love letter, vignetting and more. Wow, I can’t believe that it’s Friday again already! This week has gone super quickly. In fact, the entire month of August has gone really quickly! I thought I’d give you all a little update on Harry while I’m here! He’s been with us just under three weeks now and he has settled in so well! Up until this week, he was like my shadow. Literally following me into every room I went in – even into the bathroom! But this week he’s started going into the bedroom and sleeping on the bed by himself, which I think shows he is getting really comfortable. He is the most amazing companion, often sleeping next to me on the sofa while I work. He’s just adorable. I’m going to cover a lot in this love letter including vignetting. Bee x P.S. August means another Create with Bee and it’s Worlds in Window. Join us here its absolutely free.

What I’ve Been up to This Week

Love Letter with tips about vignetting Other than being busy working away on content, I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with the office. It’s still pretty much a dumping ground right now and is still unpainted. I’ve ordered myself a new desk after getting fed up with using the old dining table and been tunneling through Pinterest for inspiration boards. I’m going after an eclectic vibe, with loads of art on the wall and a really nice rug, maybe even a few more. I basically just want to make it a room I actually want to be in, which it certainly isn’t right now! Bee x Here are some articles I wrote this week. Book Review Q by Christina Dalcher Sustainable Skincare Products I’m Loving 13 Coffee Table Books To Inspire Your Photography Girl Woman Other Book Review Bee x

A Photography Tip from Bee -Vignetting

vignetting and how to do it This tip is all about vignetting. People tend to shy away from vignetting or ignore it completely. In fact, many people really don’t like it. However, if used right, it can really make a difference with a photo. If you don’t know what vignette is, it basically creates a subtle, feathered black circle around a photo. It sounds awful but try it in Lightroom – it’s not as bad as I’m making it sounds trust me! I use vignetting for two different purposes. The first is to give the photo a vintage feeling to it – I used vignette on all of my Film Noir and Sherlock photos. I also use it to draw attention to a subject, aka, me. It can stop a photo from looking quite flat. For example, I used a vignette on my recent fries photo as I felt it added a lot more depth to it. Vignette doesn’t work on every type of photo of course, but it can add another element to a photo.

The Hot List: What I’ve Been Loving This Week

Clothes to buy


Zebra Jeans House of Sunny’s products are all eco-friendly and sustainably produced. All of their pieces are so quirky, there are so many pieces I can imagine myself in for autumn. I’m so obsessed with these zebra jeans – they’re just so cool! Peony Print Top As we start transitioning into Autumn, I’m looking to add a few more forever pieces into my wardrobe. I really love the print of this top and think it will look really good as a print clashing with my autumn trousers.


My home office desk Office Desk I’m super picky when it comes to furniture when I have a vision. I knew that I wanted a large enough desk to fit my laptop and my monitor on, and wanted it to have a bit of a vintage vibe. I got this desk from the same place I got Harry’s cat bed, and it has really good reviews. I’m really excited for it to arrive! Swivel Desk Chair I’m anxiously waiting to see if this chair comes back in stock. I was totally against getting a swivel desk chair, but this one has changed my mind. You all know that green is a colour I love, so this chair is pretty much perfect for me. Rug I love the look of layering rugs, and I think one of these would look super cute in the office – either alone or layered with more.


Books to read These links are affiliate links  Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro  For the life of me, I can’t remember who recommended this book on their Instagram stories, but their review was enough for me to put it on my wish list! Ghosts by Dolly Alderton  I absolutely loved Dolly’s memoir Everything I Know About Love, so I preordered Ghosts so so fast! Beauty Sick by Renee Engeln  I saw Florence Given put an extract of this book in her stories and it looked really interesting. I have a feeling that this book is probably going to make me super mad, but I really enjoy learning.


camera lens to buy Backdrop Stand Now that I’m using lots of different backdrops in my photos, I knew it was time to invest in an actual stand to make taking photos a lot easier. Sigma 24mm 1.4 lens  I’ve been using my canon 16-35mm f4 lens for a number of years now and I love it, but I want to start playing around with prime lenses and lenses with a smaller f stop to get that nice background blur. Whilst sigma lenses are still pricey, they’re definitely way cheaper than the Canon lens. I’m excited to try it out And that’s it for this week’s newsletter! There was a little bit more variety in the hot list this week as I’ve not mainly been looking at books With Love, Bee xo