Best Way Organize Holidays Bronte Huskinson @FromBeeWithLove

The Best Ways To Organise Your Next Holiday

If you love travelling and have sorely missed it this year due to the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, you are not alone. Thousands of people this year had to cancel their travel plans and stay locked up at home, keeping themselves and others safe. Despite the lingering presence of coronavirus around the world, travel companies are beginning to re-open, and everyone is itching to pack their bags and head somewhere hot and sunny. girl in big black hat sitting on beach Have you ever arrived at the airport and realised your passport is still somewhere under your bed? It’s just about the worst feeling ever. Organising your holidays is so much fun – until it goes horribly wrong. We spend hours Googling, planning and staring at Instagram tags of our holiday location, counting down the moments until we feel the sand between our toes and are enjoying a good book in the sun. So when something goes wrong, it’s crushing. Here are some handy tips for organising your next trip away. 
  1. Travel Insurance
COVID-19 taught us that our best-laid plans can get scuppered at any second. You might not want to bother paying for travel insurance, but boy, you will be glad you did if the situation arises where you need it. Depending on the plan, travel insurance can cover gadget loss or theft, healthcare overseas, last-minute cancellations due to emergencies and flight disturbance. We pay a lot of hard-earned money for our holidays – ensure you can claim yours back if your plans go awry. 2. Taking Care Of Home When you go on holiday, especially for a few weeks or more, you risk leaving your home vulnerable to break-ins, dust buildup and a pile-up of important mail. Ensure you get a friend or family member to go and check in on your place once a week, to make sure nothing has gone wrong. This of course applies to anyone with pets, but even if you don’t leave any furry friends behind, it’s still important to take care of your home. If you are expecting a lot of mail while you’re away, try using which is a virtual mail sorting service. They confidentially scan, sort and send your mail digitally, so you never miss anything important, even while you’re sipping cocktails on the beach far away. 3. Extensive Research It’s easy to say, ‘Well, we’re going on an adventure, we’ll just figure it out when we get there!’ and it’s true, sometimes being spontaneous is the most fun. Unfortunately, a lack of research can stop you from getting the most out of your trip. Plus, reading others’ experiences in cities  you are unfamiliar with can help you avoid any dangerous or unwise decisions. Researching the kind of holiday you want to have can tailor your experience and help you make the most of each day abroad. In addition, some activities require prior booking, so ensure you do that in advance in order to avoid disappointment. Be safe, enjoy the sunshine, and treat yourself to a relaxing trip abroad soon. 
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