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The Ultimate Thailand Bucket List

As you know just as the pandemic hit I was in Vietnam, a place I fell in love with. Been in Vietnam while everything was getting apocalyptic in the UK it was a strange experience and did make me feel very different about travel. However, I don’t want that to stop me planning for when it is safe to travel.

While in Vietnam a lot of people told me to also take a look at Thailand, below is what I have found out so far.

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Are you thinking about going to Thailand? You’ve made an exceptional choice as it is one of the best countries in Asia. Most travel experts will put it up there with Vietnam as one of the places you must visit before you die. There’s so much to love about Thailand, and many ways to make your trip as memorable as possible. Today, you can read through this bucket list travel guide for all things Thailand. Essentially, you’ll see everything you need to do during your stay. These ideas will help you get an authentic Thai experience that lives with you forever!

So, without further ado, let’s look at your Thailand bucket list:

Visit the Buddhist temples

Like a lot of countries in this area of the world, Thailand is home to many Buddhist temples. They are a beauty to behold, and you will never see anything like them in the Western world. For this reason, you should visit at least one of these temples during your trip. It’s part of the Thai experience, and Buddhism is a rich part of the culture. Going to Thailand and not visiting a temple would be like visiting Paris and avoiding the Eiffel Tower

One word of warning, the rules are very strict in these temples. You have to abide by specific dress codes and act responsibly. These places are sacred, so you will give them the respect they deserve. Don’t be a disrespectful idiot; that’s the best advice to follow. 

Take a ride in a Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk’s come with a good and bad reputation. Some people love them, while others find them terrifying. In truth, it depends on the driver! Still, you can’t visit Thailand and not get on a Tuk Tuk at least once. It’s a quick way of getting from A to B and a huge part of the culture. Even if you pay for a five-minute ride, it’s worth it for the experience. 

You’ll find Tuk Tuk’s in most cities across the country, though it’s advised you avoid them in Bangkok. This is purely because the roads are quite dangerous there, and the traffic is awful. As such, most people recommend walking around this great city and traveling when it’s quiet.

A busy street in Thailand

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Spend a few days in Bangkok

While we’re talking about Bangkok, it makes sense to add it to the list. This is the main city in Thailand, where all the action unfolds. The nightlife in Bangkok is legendary, as are the floating markets and many other things. You can’t visit Thailand without spending at least a few days in this splendid city. It offers pretty much all the Thai delights you can imagine, rolled into one place!

There’s no shortage of places to stay in Bangkok, but you might consider renting an apartment. This gives you a glimpse into a local resident’s life while also offering some more privacy. Also, seeing as you should stay for a few days, it will be more affordable than a hotel. 

Visit the elephants

Thailand is known for having loads of gorgeous creatures and animals living around the country. The first ones that spring to mind are the elephants! Thailand has lots of elephant sanctuaries that let you get up close and personal with these magnificent animals. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Naturally, you have many elephant sanctuaries to choose from – some of which are better than others. As a general rule of thumb, seek out the ethical sanctuaries that treat the animals fairly. One of the best ones is up in Chiang Mai, called the Elephant Nature Park. You’ll see dozens of elephants in a safe setting where they enjoy a wonderful life. 

Try authentic Thai food

It always amazes me how different food tastes when you eat in the country of origin. Some of you have had Thai food from local restaurants in your area. You might have loved it – in fact, Thai could be your favorite cuisine. Well, you’re in for a massive treat when you visit this stunning country!

Thai food is ten times better when you eat it in Thailand. This is an opportunity to sample the best Thai dishes cooked by locals. It will blow anything else out of the water and leave you with a mouth full of flavor. There’s no excuse for going to Thailand and not leaving with a belly full of authentic Thai cuisine.

A Thailand Island

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Visit at least one of the islands

There are lots of little islands dotted around the coast of Thailand. Each one will offer up some unique delights – as well as stunning beaches. You should visit at least one of them before calling time on your trip. Phuket is the biggest, which means it has more to offer. Some people will actually spend most of their trip here because it gives a blend of city life with island vibes. Koh Samui is another popular option, and this small island is a favorite for tourists looking to relax. 

The choice is yours, but it’s well worth checking out the best islands in Thailand before booking your trip. Even if you stay there for a day, it’s worth the effort. 

Haggle at a typical Thai market

Lastly, you have to visit the traditional markets throughout the country. You’ll find them in every city, and they’re a beauty to behold. Handcrafted products will be shown off at each stall, offering you a chance to get something unique as a memory. Buying something from a market is a must, but so is haggling!

The market merchants love to haggle with you – it’s almost like a dance you perform. Don’t accept the advertised price, even if you think it’s fair! It’s simply a rite of passage to haggle at a Thai market

I’m happy with this bucket list, and I know you will be too! It covers all the main things you must do while visiting Thailand. Make a note of each item on this list, then cross them off as you make your way around the country.