Here is a list of the September 2020 Books I am looking forward to and can’t wait to buy.
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1. Pizza Girl by Jean Kyoung Fraizer

First off, can we talk about this cover!? Obsessed! Pizza Girl is about an eighteen-year-old pregnant pizza delivery girl, who’s life becomes entwined with Jenny, a stay-at-home mother. The relationship between the two of them gradually becomes more complicated. It’s a funny and bittersweet portrayal of a young woman trying to find her place in the world.
Pizza Girl Book

2. #NoEscape (#murdertrending) by Gretchen McNeil

Set in the same universe at #murdertrending (a world where criminals must fight some of the worst serial killers the world has ever known as punishment for their crimes – all whilst being broadcast on an app. Yes, you read that right). #NoEscape is a prequel to these books and is about Persey who enters an escape room competition to win a prize worth millions. But when other contestants start getting killed off, she must solve a series of bizarre and gruesome puzzles to make it out alive. This is where The Murder Games first began.
No Escape Book

3. Fifty Words for Rain by Asha Lemmie

Set in post World War II, this book is about Nori and her life, spanning across decades. It sounds like a tough read, with the story involving her mother abandoning her, Nori’s confinement to her grandmother’s attic, and the scalding chemical baths she was forced to receive to lighten her skin.
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50 words book

4. The Other Girl by C D Major

Set in 1942 New  Zealand, Eidith was five years old when she was sent to Seacliff Lunatic Asylum, and fifteen years later she has no memory of life before it. When she survives a fire that destroys her ward she is questioned by the police and the young doctor, Declan Harris. And he soon begins to question if she is truly mad, or if the stories she told as a child were true.
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The Other Girl Book

5. The Testaments by Margaret Atwood (Paperback)

The number one best-selling and winner of the booker prize, the long-awaited sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale is now coming out in Paperback!
Testaments book cover

6. Men Who Hate Women by Laura Bates

From the author of The Everyday Sexism Project, this book exposes the uncomfortable truth about the world we live in. Laura Bates goes undercover to expose vast misogynist networks and communities that contain extremists who commit deliberate terrorist attacks against women.
Men who hate women book


Described as immersive, captivating, and darkly twisted  Even if We Break is about five friends playing a deadly game in a cabin. A game that they’ve been playing for the last three years and was meant to be their final goodbye before they go their separate ways. But they’re all hiding secrets and nobody is safe.
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Even if we break book

8. The lying of Adults by Elena Ferrante and Ann Goldstein

Modern, Urgent and Truthful, The Lying of Adults is about Giovanna who is trying to decide on who she wants to be as she transitions from childhood to adolescence and adulthood.
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The lying life of adults

9. Early Departures by Justin A Reynolds

From the author of The Opposite of Always, Reynolds brings you Early Departures, a tale of loss, grief, and friendship. Jamal’s best friend Q has died, but new technology allows Q to be reanimated for a few weeks before he dies a second time, but the second time, death with be permanent. This could be their chance, to be honest with each other one last time.
Early Departures Book review

10. Tomorrow Will Be a Good Day: My Autobiography by Captain Tom Moore

Captain Tom took the UK by storm when he raised millions of pounds for the NHS by walking the length of his garden. But he is so much more than that. This is the life of Tom Moore, and the past hundred years in Britain
Tomorrow will be a good day book cover
Which September Books 2020 are you looking forward to?
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