How to go plastic free in the bathroom

The Steps I took to cut down on plastic in the bathroom.

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The Steps I took to cut down on plastic in the bathroom.

When I first decided to cut down on my use of plastic, it all was a bit overwhelming. I had no idea where to start. So I decided to look at my own life and see where I produce the most waste. It turned out most of my plastic comes from my bathroom products, and with further research, I found that billions of toothbrushes and razors end up in our landfills every year – BILLIONS! The fact of the matter is, we all need to start making small changes where we can, and that’s what is going to make a difference. I didn’t realise how many ways it was possible to cut down on plastic in the bathroom, so I’ve compiled a little list of all of the ways I’ve gone plastic-free!

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1. Toothbrush

One of the first things I switched was my plastic toothbrush for was a bamboo one. I’ve never been the sort of person who uses fancy electric ones and used ones that were less than £1 in the supermarket. I didn’t see much point in investing. However, for a bamboo toothbrush, I was willing to spend more to do my bit for the planet. I get mine as a subscription from the No Plastic Shop, but there are a variety of places you can get them from! Also to note as No Plastic Shop is going to be a recurring theme here, all of their packaging that they ship their products in is plastic free!

2. Toothpaste

For some reason, the thought of toothpaste that came in anything other than a plastic tube was absolutely mind-boggling to me! Call me stupid but I had no idea that it was possible. I stumbled across plastic-free toothpaste by accident at a supermarket in my hometown called Daily Bread where they were offering Georganics. They have a variety of different kinds of toothpaste from activated charcoal to tea tree that comes in glass jars for you to reuse or recycle! I have one that’s in powder form (yes POWDER!) and find that it works really well. Georganics also have mouthwashes and dental floss, as well as something called tooth soap – whatever that is! These products do cost more than normal toothpaste, but are also meant to last much longer than normal toothpaste!

3. Deodorant

Plastic-free deodorant was also something that I stumbled across by chance. In the same place, I got my toothpaste, I also discovered Fit Pit by The Green Woman. Honestly, I cannot stress how much of a godsend this stuff is! I have no irritation whatsoever, and it lasts WAY WAY longer than the usual roll-on deodorant. It is also more expensive but averages out because it’s so long-lasting. Much like the toothpaste, it comes in a glass jar with a metal tin.

4. Moisturiser

Coconut Oil is going to be a huge statement throughout this article. I honestly SWEAR by coconut oil now! I ordered a huge jar of the stuff as it has many uses in my skincare routine, and found that it has been perfect for moisturising my skin. I have really dry skin on my arms and legs which no moisturiser has ever been able to stop its flakiness for more than a day. Coconut oil has changed the game. It keeps my skin super moisturised until my next shower without having to reapply it. It’s been a life changer and I’m never going back.

5. Face Moisturiser

Remember when I said that coconut oil was a great body moisturiser? Well, not for my face. Coconut oil can sometimes make people have break-outs when it’s left on their face, and unfortunately, that was the case for me. I turned to grapeseed oil and I found that it hasn’t made me break out. I ordered it in a little glass bottle at first and then I’ll buy it in bulk once I’ve run out. Unfortunately, grapeseed oil is usually sold in plastic when buying in bulk, but it’s still producing a lot less waste than buying new mosituriser every time it runs out!

6. Toner

Mix one part apple cider vinegar to two parts water. It works really well as a toner!

7. Make Up Remover

The return of coconut oil. This stuff will get rid of even stubborn waterproof stuff. Do be prepared to get messy though!

8. Resuable cotton pads.

I use these to help remove my make up by wetting them. Goodbye to make up wipes! You can just pop these things in the wash once they get too dirty and you’re good to go!

9. Shampoo and Conditioner

I get these from a subscription box from No Plastic Shop. Instead of being in plastic bottles, they’re just in bars! They do take a bit of getting used to and take a bit of time to lather up and wash out of our hair, but they are so so much cheaper than what I was using before and also make my hair feel so much healthier. So I’m saving money whilst also being kinder to my hair!

10. Soap

I also get my soap from No Plastic Shop as a subscription. I use charcoal soap which works really well for my dry skin, but you have to make sure to wash out the shower afterward because this stuff does leave marks behind! It’s great for washing your face as well as in the shower, and I’m never looking back!

11. Razor

I recently got my safety razor for Christmas and I have to admit that I’m working the thing out. It’s made from stainless steel and can last for years, with the only thing you need to replace being the razor blades. I have to say that it’s a little terrifying handling lose blades, and my hands were shaking a little bit the first time I put them in. Of course, lose blades does have negative connotations so I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone. However, if you can make this switch, it is worth it! I got mine from as a shaving kit which came with blades, shaving cream, and a brush!

12. Shaving Cream

Admittedly, I’ve never used shaving cream before because I never saw the point in it, but now I know what all the fuss is about I’m 100% going to keep using it. Much like the shampoos, conditioners, and soaps, it comes in bar form. It lathers super easily and is also SUPER cheap compared to ones in plastic!

13. Hairbrush

For now, I’m still getting used out of my plastic one until it’s knackered. Because whilst I do believe in being plastic-free, I also believe in getting the full use out of what you own. There’s plenty of wooden and bamboo ones on the market which I will for sure be using in the future!

14. Soap Dish

I got a soap dish made from a coconut shell in the shape of an elephant for Christmas. I love it more than I should. There are many soap dish styles available at Peace and Wild.

15. Reusable Menstrual Products

You’re going to be hearing me bang on about reusable menstrual products around here a lot more often now, especially with the launch of my The Green Period project. There’s many reusable options that you can be using, from menstrual cups, reusable period pads, and period underwear! I’ve been using the menstrual cup for a few months now and I’m NEVER looking back! These things can last up to 10 years and are made of silicone, so they’re much better for your body than tampons. Also, THINK OF ALL THE MONEY YOU WILL SAVE!! If you’re a bit funny about blood, then the menstrual cup may not necessarily be for you because you really do get down and dirty with your period.

I didn’t mean for this article to become so long, but as you can see there are so many different ways to start becoming plastic-free! Not all of these are going to work for everyone, and that’s okay. But if you’re interested in doing your bit for the environment, this is a good place to start!