Creating My First Miniature Doll House

When you have been a content creator for a number of years, it's very easy to experience burnout. I know I have! MULTIPLE times. That's why I chose to create a miniature doll house.

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Why I Started Making A Miniature Doll House  

Now before you say anything I know this isn’t a doll house and is a greenhouse but I have to start with something that people understand. 

When you have been a content creator for a number of years, it’s very easy to experience burnout. I know I have! MULTIPLE times. You constantly feel like you are wanting to better yourself, and to be honest, you have to or else you get left behind. The social media landscape has changed so much after the last couple of years, mostly to do with the pandemic, but also to do with the rise in popularity of video content. 

But I loved Photos

Now, for someone who’s content was all about photo editing, this felt like an issue. And as I saw social media changing, I knew I had to as well. But the only issue was that I had no idea how. And that familiar feeling of burn out started to happen. I knew that I was longing for something new, a way to take my content and my photos to the next level, but this big idea always felt just out of reach. Like I was constantly on the cusp but never quite getting there. I didn’t feel like my content was new or exciting anymore, which it has to be in order to gain attention nowadays.

I Knew Somethig Had To Change 

And then the idea fell into my lap one day. It was like the universe had a plan. All it took was one video, and this new idea formed. I found a video of a miniature artist, but it was one of the most creative things I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t your typical prim and proper dolls house. It was covered in ivy and looked abandoned. And I was absolutely entranced. I scrolled through this account for hours and hours, completely encapsulated with these tiny worlds. And then the idea hit me. What if I created my own miniatures, but then photoshopped myself into them? When I came up with that idea, I immediately got chills. It was new, exciting, and unique. The only problem was, I had never, ever created miniatures before and I had no idea if photoshopping myself into them would actually work.

FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson Minature Doll House Greenhouse

I also didn’t know if it would actually be something my audience would be interested in. I just knew that it was an idea, and I was going to see it through to the end. And if it didn’t work out, then fine – at least I tried! 

I spent hours and hours of my time researching how to make this happen, techniques to make things look old, what scale I should be using… It was a lot of information to take in! A greenhouse seemed like the easiest thing to start off with as I wouldn’t have to make any walls look old, and worse comes to worse I could just cover it all in ivy!

FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson Minature Doll House making

Creation started over my Christmas break when I was taking some time off. I never like to admit that I’m good at something. But I was good at this. It just seemed to come naturally even though I didn’t really know what I was doing.Things started to come together and I felt like I had a real talent for this. But that lingering thought was hanging over my head ‘what if Photoshopping myself into it doesn’t work?’ 

But, thankfully, it did. 

And more successfully than I hoped. You can see how I look photoshopped into my miniature doll house here

FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson Minature Doll House maker

And once it did work, I felt like a whole new world had opened up for me. I could do this again and again, but with rooms this time! And what if all of those rooms had a story behind them? And what if that story was part of a bigger story that I could eventually write!? Everything came into place. Everything that I have ever wanted to do with my life suddenly all came together. 

So that is where I am now, I have created my first miniature with many plans to make more. I plan on making miniatures inspired by film sets. I feel super passionate about this, and thankfully you all do too as it’s some of my best performing content in a long time!

I’m super excited to start this journey and see myself progress, to see the little worlds I create for myself and where the story takes me.  Thank you for sharing my miniature doll house hourney with me 

FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson Minature Doll House inside