Meeting the Real Direwolves from Game of Thrones

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Remember all the way back in season 1 where a litter of Direwolf puppies was found? (I mean, how could you forget?) Well, you can meet two of them, Summer and Grey Wind, for yourself on a guided tour!

girl with flag with two dogs
Odin and Thor are the dog actors who played the Direwolf puppies in season 1, after that the wolves became CGI. They made their Game of Thrones debut in the first episode ‘Winter is Coming’, where each of the Stark children, and the bastard Jon Snow, all adopt a Direwolf puppy after their mother was killed. Fun facts: Odin is the puppy that Theon holds a knife to, and Ghost and Shaggy Dog were actually played by the same puppy – he was just dyed with Henna to make him dark!

photo of two husky dogs

Known outside the world of Westeros as Northern Inuits, these guys have 5% of wolf in them. As puppies, they were trained by the same trainer who trained the animals on Harry Potter and now eat a chicken and a half a day!

photo of sleeping husky
Being no strangers to the spotlight, Odin and Thor are more than used to having their photo taken and make pretty fabulous models. They’re extremely friendly and are more than happy to have ALL OF THE PETS. If you’re afraid of dogs, these guys’ calm and gentle nature will most certainly change your mind.

You can met Odin and Thor for yourself on a very special guided tour of filming locations. Your tour guides also starred as extras in Game of Thrones, so have some pretty amazing stories to tell! You can book your own tour.

photo of sleeping husky
This was honestly an experience I will remember for a long time.

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