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From Bee With Love x 

Hi Friends, 

How are we all doing this week? It’s been a pretty grey one over here unfortunately but I’m hoping that the weather perks up soon!

Time seems to have gone super quickly this week – Can’t believe that it’s already Friday! Is anyone else finding that time seems to be slipping away from you recently?

Maybe it’s the fact that the UK has started opening up again, but I’ve found the last couple of weeks pretty overwhelming and I’ve felt so much more tired. For the past year or so, I’ve had all of the time in the world. But now my schedule has got so much busier, I’m going out more, I’m being more social, and I have more things to do I feel like I need a spare day at the end of the week where I can just lie down and put myself on charge!

Is anyone else finding the adjustment back to normally super tiring and a bit hard? It can’t just be me!

What I’ve Been up to This Week

This week has mainly been a writing week for me. I’ve been writing blog posts, catching up on some work from another job I’m doing, etc: I really like these weeks because my introverted self gets some time to herself to do her own thing. I don’t have to go out and take photos so I don’t have to have that side of my brain on. I can just turn off and write, which I sometimes really need. 

I also used this writing week to go through my recent photos and see what photos have been well received and which ones haven’t. In a rare turn of events, engagement has been pretty consistent with my photos recently which tells me I’m doing something right! I’ve also been switching up the way I edit this week too. 

I’ve found that I’ve been switching between Photoshop and Lightroom in order to get a certain feel of a photo. Recently, I’ve been applying presets in Lightroom and then going into Photoshop to tweak them and adjust the hue and saturation. For some reason, I find it a lot easier than doing it in Lightroom!

I love trying out new things and seeing what

How was your month?


What I’ve Learnt This Month

You don’t need to use the same group of presets in order to have a consistent feed.

Okay, hear me out. 

I used to think that in order for my feed to look nice, I needed to use the same group of presets that were all similar in order for it to be consistent. 

This would become a problem when all of the presets from the same group wouldn’t work on a photo and I would end up having a mental breakdown about it thinking the photo was terrible when in reality I just wasn’t editing it the right way. 

Now, I’m a lot freer with how I edit my photos. I edit my photos in a way that makes the photo look the best that it can rather than trying to make a preset work on it. I edit for the photo rather than for the feed and let me tell you it has made the world of difference!

I feel like my photos look better and more professional because they’re edited in a way that enhances the image and the story I’m trying to tell, rather than just editing for the sake of it. 

Much of my photography and Instagram journey is learning and unlearning things, and this month I’ve learnt that in order to create dynamic photos, don’t put limits on your editing!

A Tip From Bee

Don’t forget your video content!

I’ve been absolutely terrible at getting video content  when I’m shooting. I really need to get better at it, because reels on Instagram are such a good way to grow now! 

I’m trying to get more behind the scenes for my photos, and for that, I need to remember to actually film it and bring my tripod with me to photoshoots. 

It’s a new habit that I’m trying to build on. But I would really recommend that you take your time to do reels on Instagram – and in this case I need to take my own advice too!

Bee’s Love List

The Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix 

I absolutely loved ready Hendrix’s other books, The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires and My Best Friend’s Exorcism, so I’m super excited for this to come out in July! I find Grady Hendrix’s writing really captivating, I don’t think I’ll be able to put this one down!

Face Theory Relaxing Night Cream M10 PRO

I absolutely LOVE Face Theory. They’re a great brand if you’re wanting to cut down on your plastic waste as all of their products come in glass and tin! A particular favourite of mine is their night cream. This is the ‘pro’ version of the night cream I usually get so I’m excited to try this out!

  Sister Jane Advantage check Maxi Dress

I have a real thing for check and gingham this summer, and I am absolutely loving this dress! I love the underskirt, the colour, and the fact that the collar is removable on this dress! I love a puff sleeve, and this is the kind of dress that will be great no matter what the season. 

  Sister Jane Deuce Floral Tiered Midi Dress 
 The back of this dress is an absolute DREAM! I never thought yellow would be my colour, but after buying a different Sister Jane dress in yellow I’m totally sold. I love how the tiering on this dress looks like petals!

The Handmaid’s Tale (Season 4 is out now!!)

The Handmaid’s Tale is available on Amazon Prime and Channel 4 (the new season is currently airing) and I honestly forgot how much I absolutely loved this show. It’s definitely one of my favourites and I would go as far as to say that this is THE BEST book to TV adaptation I’ve ever seen. I would say it’s even better than the book. It’s brutal but is a must-watch if you haven’t already.

Bee Recommends


I’ve been searching for a gimbal for a while now. If you don’t know, gimbals essentially stabilise a video to avoid camera shake when taking videos. The result is really smooth footage which looks much more high quality. 

They’re great if you’re doing a lot of video content or if you have really unsteady hands like me!

Bee Good and Do Good

I mentioned Face Theory earlier in this newsletter, so I thought I would mention them again! Face Theory has pretty much every product you could want in a skincare routine but without all the nonrecyclable plastic packaging! 

Everything comes in glass or metal tubes and it’s honestly some of the best skincare I’ve ever used! Their cleansers are always a win and have a lot for many different skin types, they also have lots of serums to choose from, which I will definitely be playing around with now that I’m nearing my mid-twenties!

Coming Up Next Month 

Next month is going to be storytelling again. I’m loving it so much that I’m not looking to stop any time soon! Expect more tips and tricks on storytelling coming from me! 

Whilst I did like changing up what I talked about every month, it did get a little bit too much to handle and I felt like I couldn’t go into as much detail as I would like, so I’ll be sticking with storytelling for the foreseeable and see how things go!

However next month I will be launching a monthly creative prompt calendar which I can’t wait to share with you. I will let you know as soon as that is available. 

With Love,

From Bee xo