My Guide To Red Photography

My Guide to Red Photography @FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson

There is no doubt about it, red photography is striking and eye-catching, it’s also pretty hard to get right. Too much red and it blurs into one, too little red and there is no real impact. There is also little room for error with red photography and mistakes, just like the colour itself, will catch the eye.

When you get it right though, red photography is beautiful, eye-catching, demands to be noticed, and can’t help but stir up emotions. 

How To Create Instagram Ads


How do you put Instagram ads together? I get asked this a lot and I have to say I feel I have been very lucky. I’ve done some great ads, my ads are always supported by my community and thankfully I get a lot of them. 

Emotions and Storytelling: How to portray emotions in a photo


I get asked a lot how do you portray emotion in photos. When it comes to storytelling in photos, showing emotions is super important. It doesn’t necessarily have to be super obvious too, the way I show emotions in my photos is always really subtle, a slight hint in my eye, the way I hold myself, where I place my hands… a lot of thought goes into the poses I do (probably too much) but it works for me!

I believe that portraying the right emotion can make or break a photo and can really add to the atmosphere. 

How to Create Visual Storytelling Pictures


Visual Storytelling pictures are my favourite type of photos to create. I absolutely love photos that make me stop and really think about what is going on in the image. In my opinion, visual storytelling is the difference between a normal photo and art.

Film Noir Photography – My Guide

Film Noir Photography Hat @FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson

I think, for me, Film Noir stands for a lot. It seems to be the first real role reversal for women in films, a genre where women were more likely to shoot you than iron for you. These femme fatales knew who they were and were not afraid to let you know.

Why Visual Story Telling in Your Photos is So Important

girl lying on books with coffee

Making Pictures your Own ‘Visual Storytelling’ is something that I talk about a lot and is often how I describe my photos. Visual Storytelling is what takes your photo from just being a good photo to having a story and a personality behind it. And the great thing about visual storytelling is that the story […]