Advice on taking selfies from some of the best creative storytellers

Advice on Taking Selfies @FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson

Over the last month, I have given you lots of advice on selfie taking. I’ve walked you through how they give me confidence, how to use props, and how to get creative. 

For this blog, I want to pass the mic to some other incredible creators. They’re all different, all brilliant and are all amazing creative storytellers. 

Tips For Taking Creative Selfies

Taking Creative @FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson

Creative selfies are in my opinion the best selfies you can take. Selfies can actually be really fun and super creative if you want them to be.

How I Improved My Confidence By Taking Selfies

How I Improved My Confidence By Taking Selfies  @FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson

As a teenager, I wasn’t confident at all. I was SUPER quiet and would do anything to not be the centre of attention. Now I take Selfie for a living and it has changed how I see myself.