Creating My First Miniature Doll House

When you have been a content creator for a number of years, it’s very easy to experience burnout. I know I have! MULTIPLE times. That’s why I chose to create a miniature doll house.

How I Gave My Living Room an Entire Makeover for under £400

Bronte Huskinson FromBeeWithLove Living Room Makeover (12)

It was the beginning of March 2022 that I decided I’d finally had enough of the living room and hated how it was decorated. 

We’ve almost been in the house for 2 years now, and much of the furniture we had in it was furniture we took from family members who didn’t want it anymore, and used it as ‘it’ll do for now’ furniture until we found something better. We both moved out of our parent’s homes, so we didn’t really have furniture of our own and we were just taking what we could for free. 

Creating In A Small Space


People often tell me they can’t create great content becuase they have limited space. Don’t let limited space impact the amount of possibilities open to you.

Rabbit Hole Book Review

@FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole follows the story of Alice, an ex-police officer who is admitted to a psychiatric facility after suffering a mental breakdown after the death of her partner on the job.

Home Before Dark Book Review


I hugely enjoyed Home Before Dark, and will definitely be reading more of Riley Sager’s work as I dive deeper into thrillers.

The promises I am making to myself this year

FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson Content Creator

Being a creator is somewhat of a delicate balance: you are constantly balancing what you want to do with what your audience wants to see. Here is how I am handling it this year