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Instagram Theming and more – Love Letter

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Going back to Instagram theming

In this love letter, Instagram theming, editing, and much more. I’ve got a serious case of TGIF today. It’s been a horribly hot week with temperatures reaching the low thirties here in the UK, which makes our houses almost unbearable. I’m so happy that it’s finally cooled down because I feel like I could’ve cried if it lasted any longer! It’s also been a super busy week. I’ve been working on a lot of content for campaigns this week and I’m really excited about all of them. I’m also very thankful that I have work coming in after it being quiet for a few months. I’m really excited to share what I’ve created with you! How was your week? Bee x

What I’ve Been up to This Week – Instagram theming

Newsletter about instagram theming I’ve been working a lot behind the scenes of my account to bring back themes but in a much better way. Instagram theming has been on my mind a lot lately. Theming my feed last year was super fun, but I ran into the issue that they were all really different themes and photography styles which made my account really inconsistent. But I get the best ideas when I have some sort of theme to work around, so I decided that I wanted to return to themes, but revamp them a little to make my account look more consistent. I wanted a new type of Instagram theming. That’s when I settled on photo ‘collections’. These are a bit like editorials, they’re a portfolio of photos all created around the same theme. And I’ll just change the theme of the collection when I feel like it. But they will all be in the same style of photography so the transitions are super seamless – you won’t even notice I’ve changed the theme! This is why I always say you should experiment with your account to find what works for you. Sure, the way I themed my account last year ended up wrong from me, but without doing that experiment I never would have landed on what I’m doing now. I think a lot of people fear trying something new in case people don’t like it, it gets bad engagement or it doesn’t work. My philosophy is to stop caring about all the shallow stuff so much. The important thing is loving what you create and sharing it with the world – whatever it may be.   What do you think of Instagram theming? Bee x Here are some articles I wrote this week. Bookish Places to Visit in the UK Colourful Handbags I want in my Closet August Books I’m looking forward to. 13 Coffee Table Books To Inspire Your Photography Bee x

A Photography Tip from Bee

Editing Tip I’ve started playing around with vibrance and saturation in the ‘presence’ section in Lightroom. I previously have left these alone, but recently I’ve started upping both the saturation and the vibrance of my photos. For example, photos where I’ve done this are on my pop art photo and my 2020 cake photo. I think it can create this really cool vintage effect where it makes the photo look slightly off-kilter or slightly disjointed. You only have to increase vibrance and saturation a little bit to get this effect (I only increase them by about 5). It doesn’t work for every photo, but it can give a photo a little bit of something more.

Bee Good: A Brand that is Doing Good Things

a company doing good Again, this one is not a brand, but something far more important. As many of you will now, a huge explosion in Beirut killed at least 130 people and injured thousands of others. Many, many people’s worlds have been turned upside down, with many not having homes to live in or jobs to go to. Many have lost loved ones. The damage is estimated to be 3 billion dollars. Lebanon needs our help. You can donate to the Lebanese Red Cross here: anything helps!

 The Hot List: What I’ve Been Loving This Week


Peach dress perfect fro Instagram photos Cotton Apricot Field Mini Dress I am completely in love with this dress. The pattern. The Sleeves. The collar! It also completely goes with my food month theme! Is it possible for a dress to give you butterflies? Electro Jacquard Midi Dress  I really love the knot-style neckline of this dress. I don’t own anything in this colour and I’m not sure how it will look with my skintone, but I keep on coming back to look at it! Sicily Dress  Do you think I’m a bit obsessed with fruit prints? Molby is a small, indie sustainable shop which closes their website regularly to keep up to date with orders. No item is pre-made to ensure there is the least amount of waste produced as possible. Banana Blueberry Waffle Purse  Are you kidding me with these bags right now?! I am in LOVE! Honestly, some of these bags are so realistic that I can’t tell if it’s actually food or not! I am lusting after this Waffle purse. It’s definitely something I’ll need to save up for as they’re quite expensive, but you can see why! TKS Iceberg Puff Sleeve Shirt and Pants Set  Back with my favourite black owned fashion business because honestly, I could include their clothing in every newsletter. I haven’t worn dogtooth in so long, but I can imagine this two-piece making me look super tall, which I always love. Also, love a deep V.


These links are affiliate links  Book cover in a  newsletter When No One is Watching by Alyssa Cole This book is a pre-order out in October, but I am way too excited for it to come out to not include it in this newsletter! Described as Get Out meets Rear Window, this book is a thriller about Sydney who notices that her neighbours are up and moving too often for it to be a coincidence. Blue Ticket by Sophie Mackintosh  I loved Sophie’s book  The Water Cure so I’m really excited to read this one. It’s set in the dystopian future where every woman is given a ticket when she starts her period. A white ticket grants you motherhood and a blue ticket grants you freedom. I will never get tired of reading Dystopian feminist fiction so I know I will absolutely devour this one. The Lightness by Emily Temple I really love the front cover of this book and the synopsis sort of gives me X-men vibes for some reason: “Once there, she enrolls in their summer program for troubled teens, which Olivia refers to as “Buddhist Boot Camp for Bad Girls”. Soon, she finds herself drawn into the company of a close-knit trio of girls determined to transcend their circumstances, by any means necessary. Led by the elusive and beautiful Serena, and her aloof, secretive acolytes, Janet and Laurel, the girls decide this is the summer they will finally achieve enlightenment–and learn to levitate, to defy the weight of their bodies, to experience ultimate lightness” It’s been described as reminiscent of The Craft, so I’m really intrigued by this. Stoner by John Williams I saw this recommended by @theslowtraveler and I always love everything she recommends so I immediately added this one to the wishlist. It’s the book about the life of a man who lives are rather quiet and unexciting life, but it’s sad to be really sad and perhaps relatable, so it’s one that I want to read. I’m a sucker for character driven novels. Sisters by Daisy Johnson This book is out at the end of August and I am so excited to read it. It’s a story of two sisters and is said to be really powerful and emotional. Reviewers have not said a lot about the plot, saying you need to discover it for yourself so I’m super intrigued. That’s all for this week! Hope you’re keeping well and enjoying August so far. With Love, Bee xo