AD/PR → This is a brand collaboration. While I have been compensated my opinions are mine and always true to my experience. ♥ Bee

We’re all about romanticizing your life here and living your life in a way that makes you feel happy, content, and like you’re the main character. There are so many amazing people on Instagram who I find super inspiring and who really inspire me to want to romanticise my life and live it in a way that I want to, not what society tells us.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of people, just a handful of my favourites!

I have been following Rebecca for a very long time and have seen her account go from strength to strength. I love that her photos always look like they are straight out of a fairytale – they really make me want to live inside every single one! They are magical and always transport me to another time and place, which is exactly what I need right now! There’a a timeless beauty to her images, so much so that I could really just stare at them all day!

Natalie describes herself as ‘your fairytale muse’ and that couldn’t be more accurate! Her photos are SO dreamy and romantic, you really will get lost in them! I absolutely adore her videos which show little moments of her basking in the sun or running through gorgeous fields at sunrise and honestly that is the life that I want to lead!

Swann goes to the most amazing locations in different parts of the world from me, and she has me longing to go to these beautiful places that I never would have seen if I wasn’t in the Instagram space! Swann also seems like the sweetest person in the world and I absolute adore her hair too!

Beth is a person who I have recently followed and I’m absolutely in love with her photography – it looks like she has stepped right out of a novel! Beth also lives on the most beautiful estate and is basically living the life I want and aspire to have. I love Beth’s emphasis on storytelling and her focus on the small moments in life. Her photos have always blown me away!

While we weren’t allowed to go outside and in total lockdown, Carolyn’s photos provided the escape I was desperately after. Her window scenes really helped me imagine being somewhere else. Carolyn as one of the people who made me realise just how beautiful the UK can be and has really inspired me to travel around the UK in search of beautiful landscapes and destinations. I also really trust her book recommendations and have always loved ones i’ve picked up that she has reccomended!