How to Pose When You’re an Introvert

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How to up your posing game

“How do you know how to pose in your photos?” is a question I get asked a lot. But there really isn’t a simple answer. There’s actually a lot of ‘posing science’ that goes into it, and I think about how I pose a lot in order to create the best photo I can. The posing is a huge part of storytelling and can be used to create a feeling if it’s done correctly. Here’s a few tips that I have to up your posing game.


Create Angles.

Creating triangles with your body or any type of unusual shape works really well as it makes the photo more striking and unusual. This can simply be done by bending your legs or your arms. But you can also achieve angles by not using your body, large hats and structured clothing works really well if you want to achieve a high fashion, editorial look.

Know Your Style.

This will also give your photos a cohesive theme. Do you want to give your photos a ‘bubble gum pop’ look? A ‘girly’ look? A strong, powerful look? An editorial look? It all comes down to how you pose. For me, I take my inspiration from Film Noir, Femme Fatale, and Old Hollywood styles. If I have those photograph styles in my head when I shoot, I know what kind of pose to be doing.

Know the Story.

What kind of story do you want to be telling in the photo? What emotion do you want to convey? This can be as simple as ‘I want to look badass’ or as specific as ‘I’m looking off into the distance because I just spied a donut shop’. I always have to have a purpose when I’m shooting or I feel that the photos look flat and emotionless. Put as much story into them as possible.

photo of a woman's legs and arms. She is sat down and holding flowers in one hand

If You’re Shooting Outside, Shoot Early.

Even now after years of doing this, my introverted self hates shooting when there’s loads of people around. Not only because I find it a bit embarrassing, but because I hate inconveniencing anyone or getting in the way. To avoid this, when I’m shooting outside I shoot as early as I can. This also means you won’t get as many people (if any!) in your photo!

Do What Feels Natural.

Don’t try to be something you’re not. Be Yourself. If you’re not a loud person, don’t try and do loud poses. Trust me, it never works and the photos don’t look good. If you’re extremely uncomfortable doing a pose, the chances are it’s because it’s not the right thing for you. For example, I’d feel extremely uncomfortable and unlike myself going out in a Princess dress and posing in London, but some people love it and absolutely rock it! If you’re not enjoying taking the photo, what’s even the point of doing it?

I think posing and finding your style go hand-in-hand. It’s taken me a long time to figure out the type of posing I’m comfortable with and like doing and it came to me like an ‘aha!’ moment. And don’t be afraid to change up your style, nobody stays the same forever!