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Creative Fall Photoshoot Ideas For Autumn

If you are looking for creative fall photoshoot ideas? You are in the right place. In this article, I'll walk you through some easy ideas for autumn photoshoots. 

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If you are looking for creative fall photoshoot ideas? You are in the right place. In this article, I’ll walk you through some easy ideas for autumn photoshoots. 

Autumn is my favourite season I have to say it’s not the season I am at my most creative but it is the season that matches me in so many ways. I love the colours, I love the fact that we start to be inside more and I just love how cosy and introverted the season is. 

What I don’t love, and no shade on anyone is how instagram just seems to become a sea of the same pictures. It gets to the point where I feel If I see another pumpkin patch or a book and a candle I may scream.  Not because I don’t like these pictures, I do, just because if there is anything that drives me mad it’s a sea of sameness. 

To be honest with you I’m not sure how my autumn content will look this year as I’m playing with a new theme and way of doing things but I do have some great ideas.

I still feel my best autumnal moment was my Bran Stoker Dracula theme which I still look back on with nostalgia, it was one of my favourites. Before that, I did some spooky pictures and I still remember my bookish spooky month, where yes there were a few books and candles. 

The good thing about autumn on Instagram is if you are not following the crowd your pictures will stand out. I think you can take the traditional autumn types of posts and make them much more creative and interesting.

I personally love the real spooky type of posts and if someone did an American Horror Story theme I would be all for it, Oh wait what am I saying I did that last year.   Halloween pictures are always amazing and always stand out. 

So if you want to do something different and stand out here are some ideas for you and here is a Pinterest board I made for you.

When I think of autumn content I think of leaves, pumpkins, cosy and spooky. So let’s get some ideas.

@FromBeeWithLove Creative Fall Photoshoots Pumpkin


I have, believe it or not, never done a pumpkin photo. I don’t know why, perhaps it’s my aversion to pumpkin patches. 

I’m just a sucker for a pumpkin and a smoke bomb. I think it’s because the orange of the pumpkin can really work well with the colour of a smoke bomb.

I have never used a smoke bomb either and probably never will as they are not my aesthetic but they make amazing different autumn photos. For me they kind of mix cosy and spooky all at once. They also look amazing on the grid and really stand out.

If you are going to do one make sure you also film it for a reel because I’ll be watching your BTS of your smoke bomb all day. 

I wish more people did these because I absolutely love them.


We have all seen the girls in the woods throwing the autumnal leaves in the air, heck I think I’ve even done a few. 

However, you can take this one step further. 

Like this one I did, I ended up having to photoshop two photos together but I did love how it came out.  But you can also use leaves in creative ways. Kiki uses them as wings for example and these two examples use them in a slightly different way.

@FromBeeWithLove Creative Fall Photoshoots Leaf
@FromBeeWithLove Creative Fall Photoshoots Scary


Now I know we all do spooky differently and I’m not a spooky cute kind of girl as I have said. However, stay away from clowns none of us are loving clowns.

Spooky doesn’t do so well on Instagram often as well as spooky cute but hey should we create for ourselves or create something just because it does well? That’s another debate. 

I have done most types of spooky, some are downright scary, some mix beauty and spooky and I’m excited about the ones I have coming up this year. 

I personally love a spooky book and spooky witch ones they often mix spooky and beautiful which is just the best aesthetic.

And let’s not forget about the spooky bath-style photos you hardly see any of these and they are amazing. 

I also love how people use fake spiders webs or sheets to create slightly spooky content.


I do love a good cosy vibe but I like them with an added something. Think cosy vibes but maybe add a flying teapot. 

Add blankets, mugs, books, and a sprinkle of magic to get your photo noticed. 

And you don’t have to necessarily go dark just because it’s autumn. Colour is still very much autumnal, I think perhaps the hue and the colour change but it is still a very valid option.

@FromBeeWithLove Creative Fall Photoshoots Cosy

I hope this has given you some ideas and don’t forget if you need more help you can always download my Creative Calendar.