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16 Colourful Hotels in the U.K.

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I feel I have spent the best part of over eighteen months looking for colourful hotels in the U.K. I’m always trying to find that Miami South beach or Californian vibes but often search for ages, finding nothing. Maybe we just don’t do colour well in the UK, which makes me sad. Colour inspires me, it feeds my soul it makes me come alive. There is something about colour that fuels my creativity.

Maybe I’m the only one searching for colourful hotels in the U.K.? Whatever the reason I’m on a one-woman crusade to find the most colourful places and tell you about them.

So here are some hotels, Airbnbs and location houses I have found that are not only great for staying in but are great for taking photographs, which after all is what I am about. 

I’ve found boutique hotels, eccentric hotels, themed hotels and some quirky and funky hotels.

Some of these colourful places I have visited and some are still on my list. If you have visited any of these colourful hotels please let me know and if you visit any in the future I’d love to hear about them.


16 Colourful Hotels in the U.K.

The Parisi Hotel

Set in the most amazing city of York, this hotel has the added bonus of girl power, being owned by two sisters.  A tiny boutique hotel with bags of charm, this converted Victorian rectory has 11 bedrooms that are all unique and quirky in their own way.  I’m personally in love with The Grand, which has a bath to die for. The breakfast room, library, yes I said library and courtyard garden are available to you throughout your stay.

I just love the look and style of this hotel and I also love York, so this one is very high up on my list of must-sees.

Visit the Parisi

S colourful hotel in the uk -york
Photo Credit: The Parisi Hotel Via


What can I say about Portmeirion? It’s just colour everywhere and when it comes to where to stay, the options are endless.

You can stay in the Portmeirion Hotel, the Castle or self-catering cottages on site. My mum has stayed in the Castle and adored it but I think for colour you might want to consider the rooms in the village or one of the cottages. While not colourful inside you will have access to the colourful exteriors where day visitors can’t go.

I have visited Portmeirion but didn’t stay there; on the next visit I absolutely will because the early access to all areas is well worth it for photos. If you are looking for colourful hotels in the U.K. Portmeirion has some of the best.

Visit Portmeirion

girl in sixties outfit at portmeirion

The Rose, Deal

As well as a Wes Anderson dream, The Rose is a colourful, quirky hotel that I absolutely adore. I’ve stayed here and I can tell you the staff, food and accommodation are all amazing. Each room is unique, colourful, quirky and has Wes Anderson vibes. The location also has a lovely bar and restaurant area and a great colourful patio.

We took some amazing pictures here and the owner was so helpful. I would go back here in a heartbeat, I just adored the place.

As to which room I would choose, I would have to choose between x and x. I’ve seen most of them and I stayed in 6.

Visit The Rose 

yellow and pink room at the rose hotel in deal

Eaton House Studio

If you are in the UK you will be very familiar with this house, it’s the pink house in Essex. You can’t stay in the house but you can hire it for photoshoots.

Now when I say it’s pink, it’s pink, pink with gold. It’s not my cup of tea personally but when it comes to colour if this much pink is your thing then you need a visit. There are pink flowers, gold fireplaces, kitsch bathrooms and the kitchen looks like it’s been wrapped in foil. Mix that with leopard print and disco ball and you have a playground for a pink goddess.  There is a green room, a very chic pink bedroom and a saloon. Oh, and the odd unicorn.

I’m not really sure what to say about this place; it’s crazy but in a good and daring way.  It’s a trip, let’s just say that. Definitely one of the most colourful hotels in the U.K.

Visit Eaton House Studio

a pink room in Eaton House studio
Photo Credit: Eaton House via Airbnb

The Margate Location House

Another location house, but this one is also an Airbnb so you can stay in it too. A three-story converted hospital, this house is one of the most colourful I have found. Designed & curated by set and interior designer Amy Exton in her signature acid-aesthetic, this house is tasteful, yet clashes in the best way possible.

I honestly can’t tell you how in love with this place I am. It’s bright, it’s colourful, it’s certainly unique and it has my name written all over it. There is nothing shy about this property and every inch of it looks a dream.

Visit The Margate Location House 

A brightly coloured living room
Photo Credit: Margate Location House

The Artist Pad

I have stayed at The Artist Pad on a PR trip and I fell in love with the place. Designed by artists and featuring artist’s work, this place is more of creative heaven than a location. The white walls give way to some of the most interesting and colourful artwork I have ever seen. There is quirk and kitsch everywhere and the odd signed Ed Sheeran and Rupert Grint. Everywhere you look you find something unusual.

It’s also a really peaceful and relaxing place to spend a few days. I couldn’t recommend a stay here enough. I can’t wait to go back.

Visit The Artist Pad

seating area at artists pad

Hotel Pelirocco

In Brighton, this hotel is as unique as they come. Inspired by pop subculture, musicians and inspiring individuals, each of its 19 rooms are themed and some are an absolute explosion of colour. While families are accepted please be aware some of the artwork is risky and you will need to let them know ahead so certain items can be removed from the rooms; I say no more. Let’s just say this hotel is for lovers.

I personally love the Tropical Paradise room and the Pin-up Parlour.

Visit Hotel Pelirocco

A colourful bedroom in the pelirooc
Photo Credit: Hotel Pelirocco

Brighton Malmaison

Brighton does seem to be the Mecca of cool hotel rooms and let’s face it, Brighton is a colourful place with loads to do and see. The normal rooms in this hotel are lovely but the ones I really am in love with are the two suites.

The Marina Suite is an explosion of colour in a California kind of way. Malmaison describes them as having an Ibiza vibe and they really are incredible. From what I can gather there are two suites, one California vines and one more of a nightclub vibe. I’m honestly in love with them both but the Miami vibes one I’m all over, which I believe is the Del Mar. Oh, and did I say they also have double monsoon showers?  They also both have balconies and overlook the sea. if you looking for a colourful place to visit in the U.K. this one might be for you.

I can’t wait to visit.

Visit Malmaison

the colourful Del Mar suite
Photo Credit : Malmaison via

The Yellow Submarine

Let’s face it; you don’t come to this place for the inside, even though it rocks. You come because this canal boat looks like a yellow submarine.

Obviously based about the immortal words of the Beatles, The Yellow Submarine in Liverpool pays homage to Beatles memorabilia.  Designed by eccentric businessman Alfie Bubbles, who made this real-life tribute to the iconic 1969 album in the form of a psychedelic floating Submarine hotel made from a converted narrowboat, a boat that previously belonged to Paramount Pictures and was used for the film The Hunt for the Red October

It’s bright yellow, OTT and a total tribute to the 60’s and the Beatles. Well worth a visit if colour and the Beatles is your thing.

Visit The Yellow Submarine

A canal barge made to look like the yellow submarine from the Beatles.
Photo Credit : Yellow Submarine via UniqHotels

Hotel Gotham

I thought long and hard about including this hotel but black is a colour, especially when mixed with bright pink, and as this hotel is such a joy I just had to include it. Set in Manchester, this hotel was an old bank. The catchphrase for this hotel is, ‘If you are a star then why not twinkle?’ and this hotel twinkles.

With 60 individually designed rooms, this hotel is themed in the cleverest and sophisticated way. This hotel has style and substance with a cheeky twist that I’m all over, for example, laundry bags that look like swag bags. Everything in this hotel has a purpose and is a prop and the Gotham suites have my heart.

This is a hotel that understands storytelling and imagery and I’m all for it.

Visit Hotel Gotham

a hotel room in the Gotham Hotel
Photo Credit: Gotham Hotel via

Mercure Brighton Seafront Hotel

This is colour with sophistication and peacock chairs and we all know how I love a good peacock chair.  The location is fantastic and so is the interior. From the blue, gold and green bar to the blue and gold lobby, it’s just such a pleasant pairing.

The rooms tend to be white with splashes of blue or gold but the communal parts of this hotel and the location are what you go for.

Visit The Mecure

a colourful hotel lobby at The Mecure hotel
Photo Credit: Mercure via Trip Advisor

Art House Hotel

Back to Liverpool we go and this hotel describes itself as a hotel like no other and I have to agree.  It is unusual, quirky and crazy with each room themed around a classic movie.

From Psycho to Mary Poppins, these rooms have a theme to suit everyone. The rooms all seem huge too and most sleep a minimum of four.

Visit The Arthouse Hotel

Red bedroom in the Arthouse
Photo Credit: Arthouse via TripAdvisor

Qbic Hotel London City

Quirky, cool and colourful, this East London hotel is a budget stay with a side of fun and funky.

There are cuboid sleeping stations with everything you could need, no-frills, just a good old fashioned sleep with a side of colour. It’s also a green hotel, so you sleep with a clear conscience.

Visit Qbic

the Quic Hotel cube rooms
Photo Credit: Qbic Hotel via Last

nHow Hotel

One of the new style millennial open-house concept hotels that seem to be so popular in Europe.  This calls itself an inspirational lifestyle hotel. It’s a place to eat, drink, meet, work and play and if you like traditional hotel concepts this might not be one for you.

If you fancy a sleepover, the rooms are bright and colourful with the superior rooms and the suites being cool, colourful and really comfortable. Oh, and the penthouse is a green dream.

I personally love these open house style hotels and have stayed in a few, they are more like community hubs than hotels and if you are good with that I’m sure you will adore this hotel.

Visit nHow

lobby in the nHow hotel London
Photo Credit: nHow Credit

The Exhibitionist Hotel

Stylish, chic and cool and in Kensington, this hotel is trendy with a capital T. Its rooms are colourful, bright and have velvet; need I say more? The penthouse rooms are incredible. This place really is an arty gem and is a reasonable price for its location.

A great hotel in a great location.

Visit The Exhibitionist

Lobby at the Exhibitionist Hotel
Photo Credit: Exhibitionist Hotel via

Colourful Apartment

In Margate, this one-bedroom Airbnb property is a vintage, colourful gem.  It’s a fun, colourful space with pink and yellow walls and neon signs.

If you like your colour with a side of Kitsch then this place may be for you. A very chic colourful hotel in the U.K.

Visit this apartment 

Colourful apartment in Margate
Photo Credit: Margate Apartment via Airbnb

I hope you have found a colourful hotel in the U.K. here that you love.  If you do go to any let me know as I can’t wait to hear all about it. And if you have any others you would like me to add to the list please let me know.