Desenio Wall Art Brand Collaboration with Bronte Huskinson of @FromBeeWithLove

Home Is Where the Colourful Art Is

Home is where the art prints and wall galleries are. For me, it's the artwork that truly makes it feel like home.

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When I moved out of my childhood home in the summer and into my first big girl house, one of the most important things to me was having artwork on the walls. I am not a minimalist when it comes to walls. I like having things to look at, and I like a room to feel eclectic.

For me, it’s the artwork that truly makes it feel like home.


This is a brand collaboration. While I have been compensated (products, monetary, etc), the opinions expressed are mine and always true to my experience.

♥ Bee

That’s why I’m so over the moon to be working with Desenio. Passionate about Scandinavian design, Desenio have a whole range of prints online to suit everyone’s tastes. I seriously spent hours scrolling through their prints trying to decide – they have some beautiful prints and you really are spoilt for choice.
One of my favourite things about Desenio is their Gallery Wall Tool which allows you to create your own gallery wall by putting prints you like into a digital gallery wall for you to see what they would look like together. This was especially helpful for me as I am such a visual person and like to see how things look and go together. So this really was a life saver for me!
When choosing my prints, I was choosing for two different rooms; the living room and my home office. Both have really different vibes to them, but I was able to find what I wanted easily by narrowing my search using their drop down menu.
Colorful Art Home Bronte Huskinson @FromBeeWithLove

Living Room

We have quite a bold colour choice in the living room; a dark terracotta so I didn’t want to go too bold with the prints for the living room. I wanted something neutral that would open up the space a bit, especially as the living room is quite small.
I wanted a set of three prints above the sofa to fill up that blank space, the 50×70 prints were the perfect size for the space!
I absolutely fell in love with the Jazzy Days no. 2 poster. It probably comes as no surprise to you that I’m a fan of Jazz. I love listening to my Jazz playlist when I’m cooking in the evenings when I have the house to myself. I would have a glass of wine as well if I actually enjoyed the taste of it.
I must admit that it took me a while to decide which prints I wanted to go with the Jazzy Days poster. I wanted the prints to display some sort of movement as the Jazzy Days one is quite hard and blocky, so I wanted to balance it out a bit. That was when I came across the abstract line art posters, and I knew they were the right ones. I loved the neutral colours, but I also loved the movement in them, the look of them is how jazz music makes me feel. I think they complement each other really well.

Home Office

Now, the office is where I could have a bit of fun. For the office, my idea is to have a huge gallery wall along the back wall. I went with a neutral colour for the walls in order to incorporate the colour in the art and the furniture. The colour scheme that I’ll eventually have going on in the office is mainly blues, pinks, greens, and yellows so I wanted to have prints that would complement the colours that will be in here once I’ve furnished the room properly. I wanted prints that were a bit quirky and fun to show off the other side of me and my taste.
To get myself started on the gallery wall, I decided on a big 50×70 and two 30×40 prints. I found the Yoga in My Yoghurt poster and loved the vintage, quirky look about it. I became obsessed with the designer behind these prints and I will be definitely adding more of them to the gallery wall over time!
After some searching, I found the banana print – I love yellow and pink together so this was an automatic add to basket for me! I then used the Good Vibes Only poster to compliment it.
I chose to start my gallery wall above my work desk so I have something to look at that isn’t a blank wall. When I think, I tend to look up and away from my laptop screen, so these prints make a really nice view for when I’m trying to think of how I can edit a photo. They really do brighten the place up!
Desenio Wall Art with Bronte Huskinson for Home Office


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