The Ultimate Thailand Bucket List

Thailand beach

As you know just as the pandemic hit I was in Vietnam, a place I fell in love with. Been in Vietnam while everything was getting apocalyptic in the UK it was a strange experience and did make me feel very different about travel. However, I don’t want that to stop me planning for when […]

My Travel Guide to Tallinn, Estonia

girl walking in streets of estonia

Why everyone needs a trip to Tallinn. Things to know about Tallinn Tallinn, Estonia, forever now in my mind known as Fairytale Land,  on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. It’s a country according to its citizens that is covered in forest and obsessed with saunas. It’s an advanced country and is very technologically […]

Creating the Picture-Perfect Look When Travelling

girl on beach putting shoes on

There’s much to love about packing a bag and going on a long travel adventure. You get to explore new places, meet interesting people, and, these days, return home with plenty of awesome photographs of you having the time of your life. In the olden days, people had to make do with their memories: now, […]

Bookish Places to Visit in the UK

The Bookish Places on my must-visit list The Old Swan A hotel in beautiful Harrogate that provided refuge to Agatha Christie in 1926, a time when she mysteriously disappeared after her husband had an affair. After a nationwide woman hunt, she was identified as a guest at The Swan Hydropathic Hotel. Book Now  Hazlitt’s A […]

The Best Ways To Organise Your Next Holiday

girl in big black hat sitting on beach

If you love travelling and have sorely missed it this year due to the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, you are not alone. Thousands of people this year had to cancel their travel plans and stay locked up at home, keeping themselves and others safe. Despite the lingering presence of coronavirus around the world, travel companies are […]

JW Marriott, Emerald Bay, More than a Hotel

A girl in the lobby of JW Marriott Emerald Bay

There are many words I can use to describe the JW Marriott Emerald Bay. Out of this world, incredible, insane, beautiful, wondrous; I could go on and on. This is a hotel with a story which I have written about here. Let’s just say that this is a hotel set up like a university, the […]

Turquoise Suite – The Bedroom of Dreams

Girl sitting on a coffee eating breakfast at The Turquoise Suite

Review of the Turquoise Suite I very rarely fall in love with hotel bedrooms. To me they are all pretty much the same; bland and boring. There are a few exceptions but on the whole, most are pretty blah. That, however, cannot be said about The Turquoise Suite at JW Marriott. I’m going to be […]

16 Colourful Hotels in the U.K.

colourful hotels in the uk

I feel I have spent the best part of over eighteen months looking for colourful hotels in the U.K. I’m always trying to find that Miami South beach or Californian vibes but often search for ages, finding nothing. Maybe we just don’t do colour well in the UK, which makes me sad. Colour inspires me, […]