What is modern-day feminism?

A girl pushing a broken down vintage car in a blog about feminism

How does modern-day feminism look different? I have always found feminism an odd world to be honest, which got me thinking about what is modern-day feminism. I knew what feminism was at its core: the belief that woman should have equal rights to men. But I didn’t realise how much more it was than that […]

Instagram Theming and more – Love Letter

Instagram Theming Bronte Huskinson @FromBeeWithLove

Going back to Instagram theming In this love letter, Instagram theming, editing, and much more. I’ve got a serious case of TGIF today. It’s been a horribly hot week with temperatures reaching the low thirties here in the UK, which makes our houses almost unbearable. I’m so happy that it’s finally cooled down because I […]

My Travel Guide to Tallinn, Estonia

Tallin Estonia Bronte Huskinson @FromBeeWithLove

Why everyone needs a trip to Tallinn. Things to know about Tallinn Tallinn, Estonia, forever now in my mind known as Fairytale Land,  on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. It’s a country according to its citizens that is covered in forest and obsessed with saunas. It’s an advanced country and is very technologically […]

5 Best Camera Lenses for Beginner Photographers

Camera Lenses Beginning Photographers Bronte Huskinson @FromBeeWithLove

Camera lenses for beginners If you are looking for camera lenses for beginners you have come to the right place. For those just starting out in photography, the number of different lenses on the market can be pretty overwhelming – I know I was when I first started! With so many different focal lengths, it can […]

Secondhand Bookshelf Book Box Review

Secondhand Book Box Review

A Book Box with a conscience I’m always a little bit skeptical when it comes to book subscription boxes. When I used to get a few a while ago, they were just full of fan-fiction things that I didn’t have any interest in. Now, at 23, that’s definitely not what I’m wanting out of a […]

Book Review Q by Christina Dalcher

Book Review Q by Christina Dalcher

Q: An explosive new dystopian thriller  I did think about picking  Q one up as Bronte really didn’t like Christina Dalcher’s first book, Vox, but the blurb of this just pulled me in. It seemed like a not so distant future I could imagine. A future where everyone has a Q score that determines everything from […]

Sustainable Skincare Products I’m Loving

Sustainable Skincare Products Loving Bronte Huskinson @FromBeeWithLove

My sustainable skincare journey It’s taken me a long time to get myself into a skin routine that works for my skin, and an even longer time to try and make sure I use sustainable skincare products. When you think of sustainability, the first thing you think of is ‘plastic-free’ products, but I soon realised […]

10 Ways To Ensure You’re Looking After Your Health As A Woman

Your Health as a Woman Bronte Huskinson @FromBeeWithLove

If you’re looking for ways to look after your health as a woman then don’t worry, you have definitely come to the right place. Whether you’re looking to make some big lifestyle changes or you want to make a few small changes to positively impact your life, you need to be sure you’re doing all […]