5 Best Camera Lenses for Beginner Photographers

An article on Camera Lenses for Beginners

Camera lenses for beginners If you are looking for camera lenses for beginners you have come to the right place. For those just starting out in photography, the number of different lenses on the market can be pretty overwhelming – I know I was when I first started! With so many different focal lengths, it can […]

Being a creative – The double edged sword

Creativity is brilliant, messy and exhausting I have never really thought of myself as creative or someone who had creativity; in fact, I bet most people who are, don’t. I knew I loved ideas; I knew I loved new things and I knew I loved to produce but to be creative? No, not me. That […]

Creativity for yourself or others?

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Who are we really creating for? Creativity is an odd thing. Bronte’s Instagram account has been a difficult one to manage as of late; her growth has certainly slowed down and her engagement is sometimes up and sometimes down. It’s hard at these times not to blame yourself, the algorithm, or all those Instagrammers that […]

Creative Career -How I Helped My Daughter

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Building Your Creative Career While You Are Still at University It’s very odd as a parent when you take a step back from your own business and your own world to help your daughter build her own creative career. Now I know I am very fortunate in that I am able to do this; I […]

What is Creativity Anyway?

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Surely we are all capable of imagination and ideas On Instagram we seem to talk a lot about creativity, about being creative and about getting more creative. I often have people tell me I’m creative or comment how creative my posts are, sometimes I agree with their comments and sometimes I wonder what they are […]

What Equipment I use to Take my Photos

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International Camera Day So apparently world camera day is a thing, so I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about the camera equipment that I’ve used over the years to take my photos. If you’re just getting into photography, I would really recommend using what is readily available to you and only buying […]