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The Rose, Deal, Kent A Wes Anderson Dream 

This Wes Anderson hotel had me hooked from the beginning. As soon as I found the Instagram account for this hotel I just knew I had to go. It was everything I loved; colourful, quirky and Wes Anderson vibes everywhere.

But sometimes the pictures never quite match up to what you see, do they? Well, I can assure you that with this hotel, this was absolutely not the case.

Parking was easy, about a 3-minute walk away in a public car park and on arrival, the first thing you notice is that this place just looks and feels different; it’s like stepping into a quirky film set and you forget you are on the main street of a seaside town.

Wes Anderson Style with @FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson

It’s like stepping into a Quirky Wes Anderson Film

On arrival, we were greeted and shown around. The staff at this hotel are some of the best staff I have ever come across, just so friendly and welcoming. The entrance to the rooms is up a narrow staircase and you feel you are entering another world. Each hallway is equipped with tea and coffee making facilities, sweets, biscuits and whisky. We were in room 5 which is right at the top and is the largest room. The decor in this room was literally my dream; a mixture of pink and green and the furniture was just so quirky. You do have to know the other person you are sharing with though as the entrance to the amazing bathroom with the best shower in the world is only separated by a curtain – all the other rooms have doors (or at least all the others ones I saw). On the first night, we went and got fish and chips (well, just chips for me) at the recommendation of the owner, sat in the garden and ate them in the company of a seagull – it’s the beach, what do you expect?

The Décor Is Literally A Wes Anderson Dream 

The next day we woke early to get some of the shots we needed then went back to the hotel for breakfast. We were greeted at the door by a member of staff and shown into the restaurant. Breakfast was a surprise, not your usual breakfast fare but so delicious with things like tarragon omelette, we really thought that somehow we had stumbled across something special.

Wes Anderson Hotel Deal UK @FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson

We Felt We Had Stumbled On Something Special  

We were lucky enough that the hotel allowed us to go into all the unoccupied rooms and take pictures; I think there were a few we didn’t see. Every single bedroom was a unique surprise, all beautiful, all colour-coordinated and all completely different from the last, but all of the same vibe. I would honestly find it hard to choose a favourite as there were things I loved about them all, but I think these three below were the ones I loved the most for different reasons.

Every Bedroom Was A Unique Surprise 

After taking more photos we then had lunch at the hotel restaurant, which seems to be a very popular eating location and I have to say, it was so delicious. I honestly couldn’t fault it and again, I was impressed by the staff, who managed to be both professional and casual at the same time.

Wes Anderson Hotel @FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson

Another night was spent in our room, which now felt like home, and I had more showers here then I have ever had in my life, I feel.

After some more early morning pictures and a delicious breakfast, we checked out to start our long drive home. But I was left feeling I was just saying farewell rather than goodbye. I truly feel in love with this place. I felt like it was me in hotel form.

It’s not the cheapest place but it is definitely worth paying that extra for, just to experience the quirkiness and if you are someone who likes sterile, minimalistic-style hotel rooms then this is definitely not one for you.

But for me I fell in love with The Rose and know I will go back soon as I didn’t spend nearly enough time in the bar and lounge areas; any excuse…

Wes Anderson Hotel UK @FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson