Love Letter with tips about vignetting

Love Letter – Vignetting and more

In this love letter, vignetting and more. Wow, I can’t believe that it’s Friday again already! This week has gone super quickly. In fact, the entire month of August has gone really quickly! I thought I’d give you all a little update on Harry while I’m here! He’s been with us just under three weeks…

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Thailand beach

The Ultimate Thailand Bucket List

As you know just as the pandemic hit I was in Vietnam, a place I fell in love with. Been in Vietnam while everything was getting apocalyptic in the UK it was a strange experience and did make me feel very different about travel. However, I don’t want that to stop me planning for when…

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Conscious Collaborations with Brand Influencer Bronte Huskinson

My Guide to Yellow Photography

Why I love Yellow Photography Yellow has been a colour that has fascinated me for a long time and yellow photography has always fascinated me.  It’s a colour that most of us would not class as our favourite but it’s a colour most agree makes us feel happy, alive and vibrant. I’ve become obsessed lately…

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Guide to Film Noir Photography

My Guide to Film Noir Photography

How I created a Film Noir theme For someone who loves colour so much, Film Noir seemed like a strange theme for me to take on. However, it’s probably one of my favourite themes to date because it pushed and challenged me. I think, for me, Film Noir stands for a lot. It seems to…

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Girl in article about saving the planet

5 Little Ways You Can Save The World Today

Quick, the world is in peril! And only you can save it. It’s time to dash into the nearest phone booth, cast aside your civilian clothes, and emerge in your bright and sparkly spandex outfit as the ethical superhero you are. Now soar into the sky without leaving a trace of carbon emissions, and start…

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Pin for article on Colour theroy

Books that go beyond colour theory

Books to help you understand colour and colour theory more. I have always been obsessed with colour and colour theory. I got most of the colour theory books and use them a lot in my photography book and my colour stories. It’s pretty easy to find books on colour theory but not so easy to…

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