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The Aviator Hotel

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The Aviator Hotel – Sywell, Northamptonshire

I’ve loved The Aviator for a long time and when we decided to change my account up and give it a more Wes Anderson style vibe, this seemed like the perfect place. It is actually at an airfield, which is super cool and you can sit in the bar and watch the light aircraft land and take off, which is kind of addictive. But it’s the style and decor of this hotel that I adore.

It is set in a 1930’s building and the architecture is unusual and stunning; from the curved windows to the incredible view from the back of the restaurant it really is an art deco dream.

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It’s a 3-star so the bedrooms are pretty basic and the menu could do with some updating, vegetarian options are limited and the food style is slightly outdated, but then I think perhaps it suits the clientele who tend to be more mature. But what makes this hotel so unique are the little touches. From the wrought-iron staircase, the 1930’s chairs, and the airplanes in the fountain, every detail is art deco and related to airplanes and it makes it so special. I had a relaxing, easy stay here, nothing was difficult and everyone was friendly. I did feel liked I had stepped back in time a little, which was good and bad.

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It certainly is well worth a visit if you are more into architecture than food and want more of atmospheric surroundings than hummus and falafel. It is unique, has a wonderful charm, and makes for some amazing photos, and where else can you drink gin and watch planes land and take off in the middle of the countryside?