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An Artist Retreat by the Sea

You know when an e-mail comes into your inbox that has you jumping around with happiness? Well, that was how I felt when The Artist Pad invited me to stay with them. I love getting invited to places; it is one of my most favourite things.

I had no idea what to expect. Yes, I’d looked at the pictures and it looked cool but other than that I had no expectations.

When we pulled up and discovered it was above a very trendy music shop with motorcycles parked outside, I knew I was in for a treat.

On entering, The Artist Pad initially looks like anywhere else until you open the door into the hallway and you are hit with a multi-coloured floor and you know this place is different. My mum and I were both like little kids, running around, pointing things out to each other. The kitchen with its neon open sign and countless cool objects had us hooked. We had personalised chocolate and a plate waiting for us to decorate and we immediately felt welcome.

girl sitting on kitchen counter reading

The front room was a blank canvas for artwork and such a light beautiful place and full of bookshelves.

The hallway was like walking into a studio with chairs hung on walls and artwork everywhere.

The alcove had its own reading nook and a bright orange wall, and the bedrooms were equally as cool, both with neon lights – one that changed coloured and my mum played with excessively.

inside the artists pad

Our initial glee and frantic running around the house found many gems, like a Rupert Grint, signed copy of The Chamber of Secrets, some artwork signed by Ed Sheeran and many small people all over the walls. But what we found was that for an entire two days stay there, one of us was always saying, “Come here look what I have found!” Most notable was a signed Quentin Blake picture, a ceramic white gun, a dinosaur lamp and a Star Wars figure, which Mum gave a name to and invited to dinner with us every night.

bathroom decor in the artists pad

This wasn’t a stay, it was a constant adventure through a cleverly curated art collection that you felt part of. There were many things we wanted to sneak out with, especially the little mouse lamps that appeared everywhere.

It’s a place that touches your soul creatively and leaves a lasting mark. It’s a place to play and be in awe and wonder at art and the amazing part in plays in our lives. All these seemingly random pieces put together that form a living collection. It reminded me of how important art and creativity is and left me remembering how unique and different we all are; we don’t have to compete with each other, we can all be harmoniously in the same space, shining in our own special way.

signed copy of harry potter next to photo of rupert grint
But what I loved most about it was the books, a vast collection of books that reminded me how important photography art and inspiration is.

decorations in the artists pad