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Over the last month, I have given you lots of advice on selfie taking. I’ve walked you through how they give me confidence, how to use props, and how to get creative

For this blog, I want to pass the mic to some other incredible creators. They’re all different, all brilliant and are all amazing creative storytellers. 

So if you need some inspiration, a little pick me up, or some encouragement to get your creative juices going here is some advice for some people I look up to!

Advice on Taking Selfies Rabya @FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson

Rabya is one of those people that makes you think, and I mean think about things that are really important. She is a brave, non apologetic creator and I adore her for it. A real inspiration for everyone.

Advice on Taking Selfies From @sheflourished. 

I’ve been taking pictures and particularly self portraits for the last three years and in that time I have learnt so much about myself. I learned that I could embody my full identity as a British Pakistani Muslim woman living in a white cis-het patriarchal, racist, colonialist society. That where I couldn’t see myself represented or celebrated I could have that for myself through photography and expression via self portraits.  I learned that I have a voice. It’s multifaceted, and worthy of claiming space, and can be used to uplift others and stand for and alongside those who experience oppression.  I also learned that by being visible you naturally attract those who share your passion or similar stories, you become bonded through mutual love for wanting to do better and see better, a sisterhood and community can be found.

As someone who is self taught at photography a little nugget of advice I’d give is don’t sweat the technical stuff, that will come with time. Just enjoy telling your story through your lens. Your stories have power, they can others feel seen, they can help you connect with others, they can help you process long held narratives that maybe were no longer serving you. Don’t be afraid to capture the essence of multifaceted wonderful you.

I just adore Luke and the only thought that comes up when I think of him is Iconic. I adore him as a person, his photography and the way he challenges gender norms. He is well just totally iconic.

Advice on Taking Selfies From @lukeheywoodstyle

Don’t be afraid to get weird with poses and angles. Most of my photos I’ve experimented with angles and poses have been some of my best. Don’t be afraid of self shooting. Ignore the world and get some amazing photos.

Advice on Taking Selfies Luke @FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson
Advice on Taking Selfies Tina Lee @FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson

I honestly challenge you to find a more creative and hardworking creator. Tina just blows me away constantly with her creativity and beautiful shots. And I adore her advice about letting someone else choose your shots.

Advice on Taking Selfies From @ofleatherandlace

I think we can always be overly critical of ourselves on camera. But chances are, we look totally fine to others. After your next photoshoot, try letting someone else choose your images and see what they come up with. My bet is there’s going to be a few shots that are your “bad” angles and look terrible in your mind. But someone thinks it’s beautiful! So let’s not be so harsh on ourselves and love every angle and variation that’s captured.  This is actually how I got over my “bad angles”.

Jordan’s feed is one of those feeds that just makes you happy. It’s a welcome break often from the humdrum of life. She is also fearless  when it comes to taking pictures outside, which is something I have yet to still master.

Advice on Taking Selfies From @hellomissjordan

Taking photos for my blog and Instagram has honestly changed my entire outlook on myself over the years. Before, I was extremely self conscious and nervous around people and found it difficult to do everyday tasks like getting public transport by myself. Over the years I have gained so much confidence from embracing my personal style which has also overlapped with my general confidence in day to day life too. It has been the best thing I have ever done and really shown me that beneath all the fear was someone who was actually extremely brave and confident in herself.

My advice would be to always keep pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. It will feel weird and daunting at first, but the more you practise the easier it becomes until you can take photos absolutely anywhere and not even care!

Advice on Taking Selfies Hello Miss Jordan @FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson
Advice on Taking Selfies Bill @FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson

Bill is perhaps one of the best photographers I know. His photos and editing style are just stunning.  What I also adore about Bill other than his cat pictures is that you don’t often see him in his pictures. He is an expert at taking the no face selfie and his pictures are just as powerful and his storytelling is magnificent. 

Advice on Taking Selfies From @kenyan_library 

Taking photos has allowed me to embrace the good and bad days, channelling my daily anxieties by capturing small moments of calm gives me a new positive perspective. It’s not easy putting your idea of art out of the world, self doubt is a guarantee but staying true to who you truly goes a long way in shaping your creative process.

I urge you to follow all of these creators and get to know them. They are all amazing.