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What is a Femme Fatale?

Traditionally a femme fatale, it’s an archetype in film and literature that’s been around for years; a woman responsible for leading a man to his demise. Made popular in the Film Noir era, they were a departure from the female roles that normally graced the screens. They were the first strong, independent females to be on screen.  

And they have always fascinated me, despite their obvious beauty and alluring quality, they were empowering women who made no apologies for who they are. They seemed both comfortable with their sexuality as much as their ‘getting things done’ attitudes. 

During my Film Noir theme as I began to embrace this archetype, I started to wonder what might a Modern Day Femme Fatale be like? How might she behave? What would she believe?  And would the modern world still dismiss her as just a seductress?

I loved Creating Femme Fatale Looks for my Film Noir Photography project. 

So here are the 5 Values that I believe a Modern Day Femme Fatale would have:

Modern-Day Femme Fatale Clothing @FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson

They Wear Whatever the Hell they Want to Feel Empowered

Some people feel the most empowered in high heels and dresses. Others in jeans and trainers. Who are we to say otherwise?

No Man? No Problem.

They only have time for partners who add value to their lives who see them as equals and can accept them for all that they are. 

Modern-Day Femme Fatale Attitude @FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson
Modern-Day Femme Fatale Photography @FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson

They Don’t Care What Others Think of Them

You could be the juiciest peach in the world but there will still be somebody who doesn’t like peaches.They put on their red lipstick and continue to not give a damn. 

They own their sexuality. 

And it’s not their problem if you feel intimidated and uncomfortable. Women are constantly being shamed for whatever they do. You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. Do whatever you’re comfortable with.

Modern-Day Femme Fatale Traits @FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson
Modern-Day Femme Fatale Hat @FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson

They have no time for your bullshit. 

And they will call you out on it, end of!

The modern day Femme Fatale, for me, is a women who knows her worth, does what she wants, is strong, powerful and unapologetic for both. She is a woman who is unashamedly herself, comfortable both with her femininity and her power. And while she might not bring a man to their demise, she might well bring an end to the patriarchy.