@FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson miniature

I create miniature sets and photoshop myself into them… but that’s only part of the story.

Hi I’m Bronte (Bee) and with my camera, I create my own little worlds, each with a story to tell. I’m a self-portrait artist, miniature maker and content creator who believes that creative expression leads to freedom.  Some call me a Modern Day Thumbelina and I love that. 

I am currently making the miniature rooms for a haunted ethereal mansion. This mansion has a story to tell and will form the backdrop for a book. Each room has hidden clues and messages to the story and those that once occupied this home. Flowers play a significant part in this house manifesting where there are strong emotions, I was inspired by the quote ‘Love Grows Here’.  So far I have completed the conservatory, and the music room and I am currently creating the living room. I can’t wait to share more of this story with you.

My hope is that what I do will inspires others to be more creative, expressive and experimental in all areas of their lives. I think that when we fully express ourselves we are freer, more mentally healthy, love ourselves more and finally dance to the beat of our own drum.

I started creating while I was still at university and it’s been my full-time career since leaving. I’ve created for Photoshop, Disney, Logitech, Sky TV, and Marriott Hotels to name just a few. No two days are the same and I feel very privileged and fortunate to do what I do.

I strive to live a sustainable lifestyle, and I live in a rural village in Northamptonshire with my partner and two rescue cats who feature a lot on my Instagram.


Bronte believes in conscious collaboration, and influencer accountability and responsibility. 


Bronte collaborates with brands, businesses, authors, and more to create fresh, innovative content that not only gets attention but drives action.


Bronte’s creative work is dynamic and designed to have the element of storytelling and the type of message that resonates with the intended audience.

Bookish Photographer

Bookish Photography was born in 2017, to collaborate with authors and publishers to sell books by telling their stories visually; 1500 stories during more than 130 projects.


Bronte has been creating content for brands to use on their own channels for over four years.  When it comes to eye-catching photos and Videos Bronte knows what works and what gets attention.


As a self-portrait artist and miniature maker, Bronte has an array of skills and talents she can bring to your next project. Bronte’s work is innovative, creative, and beautiful.